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About Us

We are AREL College MUN Club

      International AREL College was established in 1990, with the motto "Teaching is art". Being founded by teachers, AREL College has always aimed to do more for its students and produce "world citizens" with a comprehensive broad perspective on the globe. As a result, in addition to the school's diverse student body, programs like IB, AP, and e-twinning have been implemented over the years.

     Although AREL College has a thriving MUN club with a team of skilled MUN participants (some of whom have previously been on organizer teams of other esteemed MUNs), we have never organized one ourselves. So this year, we decided to finally make this dream come true, here comes ARELMUN 2024


Get ready for an exceptional MUN experience with fellow delegates from all over the world!

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Deepest gratitude to our supporters

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